Saturday, January 14, 2006

So right now, I have time and a topic to discuss, ja. What's up with me feeling outside of continuum? Why am I the only one interested in Nomic, ASL and lojban (who I know face-to-face)? How can it be, that at least on the work-related part of life, I seem to understand better the rules... Again I doubt, if I'm just myopic.
Take for example a conversation I had a couple of days ago, someone asked me what did I want of my career. Does I want to be a technical guy all my life? Am I not dreaming to be a manager someday? Without a doubt I told, that yes, I will completely be a scientist all my life, don't ever want to "stop working" and be a manager. For a start because I understand that having that role isn't what others think, a lousy job with no actual work. Second, it's me knowing I don't want a job responsibility "have happy people under your authority". I leave that to people who actually think that's fun or challenging. I wouldn't want to have people not convinced of their job.
The question keeps, am I blind? Why does people have difficulties as choosing their career? I'm not telling I do know for certain that all will be good. Yet, I know, I'm doing what I like, my hobby is already embedded to my work :)
Now, how those my bizarre interests mix with that vocational doubt... Maybe that's why I have those, because others are struggling to find their spot, while I have ocio to spare. Just a thought.


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