Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Small talk. With whom am I to share that I'm working on a very hard to understand problem whose number is 31337? And no one seems to find that special :( Allan would have known better.

I have a great anecdote, no to tell here. It's about julio. He made sure I should talk about it. I won't say what happened, but tell you what I can't say. I can't tell the world the half hour jokes I have in my mind to mock the incident. I can't use it as reference for future julio and the other relationship. I won't narrate the incident to curious guys who ask, "Is julio monotasking?". No, I shouldn't.

"Frutsi, sabor a México." that will be the title adan will give to his blog article. In the lunch, we talked rather extensible about Mexican traditions, and by that I mean current folklore. This you won't see in National Geographic, this doesn't have breasts not cloaked. Which games did we played? To ensure some kind of perspective, there was camilo. He's a Colombian friend. If anyone out there reads this and isn't Mexican, you would probably have thought that Colombia and Mexico would be a lot similar, cultural siblings. If that's the case, I guess we are the older bro. It seems we enjoy punching, scratching, boiling more than our south brothers. For instance, in our school kermis, we blow eggs in each other head! He have 'cebollitas', which basically is about strugling with other kids to separate them. In other words, we have lots of physical encounters with other kids. Touching an stranger is taught to us from childhood. Maybe that's why we grow up more warm, more hugging. In Colombia, there's no sense of drinking your soda or water from a bag! That was shocking to me. Why hasn't stores discover the simple art of selling liquids in bags? Dunno. Anyway, the title of the article was made by me to reflect a simple thing. How many things does a kid do with a frutsi? At the table we found like 6 common things. I mean, we aren't talking about clever hacks (create a binocular), we were telling things any kid does. How amazing is to discover the cultural richness of simple plastic bottles.


Blogger Darth Julius said...

Me?? monotasking???? Nahhhhh R you kidding??... wait a second what I was doing before posting this comment?...:S, mmmmmhhhh...

Frutsi Bottles were the perfect substitutes of soccer balls...

1:44 PM  
Blogger Darth Julius said...

And Yes!... it was an accident ok???... my brain was running a non-preemptive process and then I found my self on a strange loop, my sensors weren't activated... and then I realized I was doing a stupid thing as when I open the door to you... or walk with an umbrella in the hallway of the University is not new...besides Pollo and me broke up a lot of years ago, we're just friends hahaha :P

1:46 PM  

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