Thursday, August 24, 2006

My days are cloudy. All my clocks continue to be late. Why is it always them being 5 or so minutes late? There's something there I should see... Apollo (our turtle) is every day more lazy, now it sleeps almost all day outside of his shell as if dead. Only I notice that. My brother is in deep shit, all his fault, but I shouldn't move a finger... At work all is busy and I want vacations and so many other things, like concentration. Even darker things happen at my surroundings but there's no point in describing them. Apathy.
Last Sunday went to a memorial, nura's grandma. It was beautiful. Got me thinking about the next one or mine. Doesn't matter. Who will talk about me in the midst of strangers? There I got some faces, people I would expect from them a memory. Will any of them know my favorite song? Doesn't matter.
If I had to make a last will, pollo should get my Sandman collection, jaime my rpg books, allan please keep my tarots and Swiss army knife (ok ok, I lost that one, but it will figure its way home), padilla my comics (the ones not related to Dream), julian hope you like Latin, Chinese, lots of Chinese, Quenya, Esperanto and ASL, yorch my Asimov's collection, david pois & guitar, julio my blog, and I can continue long, but I won't.
Even though these are harsh moments, there's a hope and I sometimes see the light that marks the beginning of a new day. Will it ever come to be? Don't know. Fiendish pleasures come and go. c'est la vie.


Blogger David said...

You are having dark thoughts lately. ArenĀ“t you? I wish you a long life but thanks for including my in your Will. The RPG books are a great legacy.


12:27 PM  

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