Friday, September 29, 2006

Exasperated, to excite the anger of. Lemme tell you this, calmness, parsimony... Those I can relate. However, sometimes, it happens. Normally I try to breach other heads, think feel like the other. Surround myself in their paradigm, with his/her lifestyle, values, etc. Several times I do that so well I don't remember where the line connection was. So for instance when I argue with them, I can't see the error in their argument or why the heck did I thought otherwise. Yet, sometimes that process fails. While building the sim, I see some long term consequences and I stop right there. That's usually the way I become exasperated, something like "WTF!!! Why do you stay believing that??!?"

Today, it's because ceci thinks that "because I want" is all the answer (other answers are pretexts??) that exist for the questions "why do you do X?"... "Because I want"... WTF... I know you want it, that's why you doing it... But why? Can't comprehend why people stay in that level.


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