Thursday, September 21, 2006

A man of simple joys. Making breakfast for my dad is enough. For now. For several days I've tried to blog, but something tells me to wait. An unknown force telling me how all this is pompous. Anywho a myriad of perspectives are now lost. Right now, I'm on vacation, or so I told to people several times. The truth is I want time. Not a break, just time. Left as an exercise the difference. I'm dating Despair, you know. There are signs all over my face, in the street or on the web.
Last weekend had great luck. As I was trying to get a plan for the independence day, ivonne offered me her house. Thanks, really, many many thanks. Not just for showing me your confidence or for letting me have some fun. Thanks for showing magic.
The trip itself was great, went there looking for nothing but some plain fun. I got it. My accompanies were diana, Mateos and three other FSL fellows. There's some charm in traveling with people you don't really know. It's risky. Didn't started with much hopes. Let's be honest at some point I wondered, Can I be part of the FSL gang? Do I want? Can't really say I fit perfectly, but they are nice people. They were happy to share the party. Discovered that all of them (besides Mateos) are exaTecs. As always I did registered some social remarks on my head.
Have you noticed how much we people have the need of a common language? I mean, there's no group I have ever seen which hasn't ingrained a set of cliches. Of magical formulas you must repeat and repeat as to ease the "we are knowing each other". No sudden moves, is the norm. Locating the alpha couple, is usually the easiest way to fit in the group. Yet, here I found that the vocalisms weren't originated from Mateos. Which prompts me to the Mazacotes group, which followed the same pattern. It's amazing the conqueror scheme. Sorry for the pseudosociological blurb. And don't take me wrong. I like them all and enjoyed in great deal the time we spent. It's just that I pattern as second nature.
Beach was great, hugh tides, tiny bikinis, all as it should be. Nights were long, even though we slept as much as needed. I will refrain on commenting how much beer was pumped that weekend, but I need to say, never in my life had I see so much consumed.
Have more to post, but want to leave... So maybe tomorrow I'll continue, maybe.


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