Monday, October 09, 2006

Minora Dike (Common)
Artifact Land
Comes into play tapped.
Tap it, destroy Minora Dike, draw two islands, put them in your hand, Minora Dike returns to library, shuffle library.

Jhonz, the ulterior prophet (Rare)
Creature - Cleric
At the beginning of each player's upkeep, player can skip turn. If done so, player doesn't draw card, untap, pay echoes, nor cost.

Gaia's Will (Uncommon)
Enchantment - Legendary
At the end of each player's turn, choose one basic land. It becomes a communal land retaining its mana color, and special abilities.

Shard of Soul (Common)
Target creature gets "Imbue 1"

Dona's Love (Uncommon)
Target creature receives X counters +1/0 for every combat damage point dealt to you.

Dark Splintering Storm (Rare)
Each player choose target creature to sacrifice, do one point of damage to each creature with the same type of target creature per creature of this type in play. If a creature receives more damage than it can take remove 1 life from player who controls it. Creatures destroyed this way phase out.

These cards are part of my probably never to be seen Aquarius block. They were born from Mark R. entry . Didn't follow all the rules, but hey... I think they contribute. They answer things, I'ld do if I were to work in card design.
Don't know if I should spell what I intend to do for this block. Anyway, the deal is that for centuries there've been people waiting for the long awaited change of the world. And you know what, it ain't what you'ld have expected. But yes, it brings a blend of consciousness and all the "why can't we all work out our differences?"-crap. That's why Jhonz is the ulterior prophet. He means the world is in real trouble.
The world is fading out magic (but we don't know that much in this block). That's why dikes are in order.
Legendary Enchantments, why do I jump to that trouble? Well, because I love that concept, from the very first time Mark mentioned. An enchantment so big, the world would tremble. It isn't that expensive, but it chatters the previous gameplay. In a good way, I hope. Imagine a pool of shared lands. That could be maddening. How do gamers stop their precious "properties" from being used by the other(s)? Players will need to learn. I was worried of not increasing too much the power so I would expect creatures/enchantments who would taint the communal lands. You know, the tragedy of the commons.
Imbue, what an exciting new keyword. Decided in favor of a new keyword, even though it clearly stated I shouldn't, because I wanted it to be a common ability. Imbue is to put it simply, you put part of your soul in a permanent. What it does is two fold. On the one hand it boost it with a counter +1/+1 while you get one poison point. On the other, it adds the rule, you don't loose if you have zero lifes, as long as there is a permanent you imbued.
My red card comes from my curiosity, why isn't red more passionate? Yeah, I get it. Chaos, impetus, can't we leave some space to love? I mean, to green each and every creature is precious, part of blah blah, dying is part of life. But, who cares for my dragon?? Who is willing to accept damage if it saves yours. Red, that's who. It's stupid, maybe...
so we have a world about to torn, with a faint hope (of red???). This may not be a happy ending after all, this is war. That's how black comes. The world is unraveling. Creatures will pay high not having a proper soul. Or at least, that's what we know for now. Maybe black is too strong.
This blocks, tries to ashame white simplicity. Future blocks would do the rest for green & blue and later red & black. Tried to keep blue to a minimum, knowing it is already too powerful. Green should be a bit stronger without being plain creature-like. And well, red is passion. Love that. So, what do you think?

ps. Given time, I would come with a good flavor text :P


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