Saturday, July 28, 2007

I don't trust myself to ever really nail video games so I might as well disclose my 2 games I would love to develop for my tablet pc. Maybe one day I will surprise myself. One can dream. Here I gladly present you from albeit-doable-never-made: Solomon's Key chain and White Pepper.

SKC is an RPG. You are the young but not wise Solomon, in his tender years. This is the story not told but vaguely referred in legends. Here's where you hunt djinns & ifrits; catch them all :P To do that you need to be wise and cunning as these creatures are fairly lethal in their bad mood. You do this by geomancy. You come up to learn some basics principles but in the end it's up to you to design swift seals :P Can you visualize it? Demon circles trapping them. I know, I know, I will get accused of promoting demonism... that deserves another space. Anyway, I would need to learn a lot to do it. It would be a challenge both in the creative/story/mysticism side and the implementation one. Imagine trying to quickly signal the fire sigil. Of course, I won't settle for a dumb monsters fighting... I would make them have certain intelligence, but more important, there's a culture I need to express. How does semigods react to a puny mortal trying to hunt them down? It would be a hard game to balance, to keep it fun!

WP is much more simple. Primordially it's about origami. It's not even a game, but a toy. WP would be a way to make paper simulation. I know it may sound boring, but a rubik cube is kind of dull to many. :P WP is two-fold (pun intended). One is the contest. See this model, learn how to do it! The other is, imagine you playing with paper with infinite undos :D Again, implementation isn't obvious. How can you model folding paper realistically. I'm aiming for "once you learn it here, you can craft it!".

Yes, you need a tablet pc for what I'm thinking ;) If anyone actually develops them, I'm asking for a free copy :D


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