Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I no longer visit /. but for old time's sake I went. Maybe it changed in my absence, right? The only article of interest was that MS security got #6 in the "Worst Job" list, this year. In the middle of the thread I found:
I work in a hospital, and ER docs like to swap stories. The worst I've heard is of a woman who was kidnapped, beaten, repeatedly raped, and thrown into a ditch to die. She didn't die, but she did land on a fire ant mound, where she stayed until someone found her, which was not enough time for her to die. Tragedy happens, crime happens, but sometimes you just have to think "that's not fair." I always think of that story when I hear someone say "well, everything happens for a reason."
Hehe. Now I will thing the same...



Blogger Darth Julius said...

You "thing" the same??????

Or you "Think" the same

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