Thursday, June 14, 2007

To me it sounds basic, but maybe I'm the only one doing it. How many of you have clearance levels? :D I mean, maybe not that formal, but in the end that's how it's called. How many of you trust in different shades? Friend A has level 7 and B has 2, therefore when you are with both, you only talk about lever 7 things.

Some days ago pollo asked me, "What are you proud of?". He thought that my silence indicated a rationalization. I considered it rude to explain, "No pollo, that's only that I don't trust all of the persons here". In fact, I trust almost all of them, but just one is enough for me to keep my mouth shut.

For those interested, I got a 7 level system. A pyramid scheme. Then again, I know I'm strange.

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