Monday, March 26, 2007

Farewell James. Life has a way of speaking. It teaches that once a friend goes to live to another city: A) you don't see him ever again and B) The world is flat. That in any other realm would be a paradox. Then again, a man never bathes twice on the same river. I wish him a great life if life goes A. Though if I have to be one hundred percent honest, I wish him an interesting life. One where he goes out of his caul. I respect his choice and all, but I'm his friend. That gives me the benefit of wishing him a better life, a better himself. He, probably, won't ever listen this unasked quote but "Life is too important to take it serious".

Anyway, this entry is for you pal. Not a critic but a "hey, my life will change with your departure". Don't want to sound like a mourn, it isn't. Have I need to talk about who is james, I've say:

He is strange. As all my good friends must be. He is shy and well grounded on his way of life. He is stubborn and has an inner paradox akin to julio and myself. Has a great urge to be kind. His my friend for many things. Among the multiples reasons, he is the guy to whom I can freely roam about rpg, sci-fi and alternative paradigms. He is the guy with whom I have fiercely compete of wod books :D He is the guy go sent me to HUE... wait that's not positive... Anyway, he is one of these fellows I would trust to live with if we were to create a tribe :P


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Blogger Darth Julius said...


3:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you're implying that you won't get to see your friend again because he'll become someone else, he does not need to leave, this is an everyday process. If not, then your a lazy friend. Surely he won't get far enough so that you cannot visit, but you're preemptively discarding that option, maybe you simply have not the motivation to maintain that friendship, and others since it seems it is not the first time this happens to you.

4:22 PM  
Blogger Guillermo said...

You get me wrong. Your false dichotomy is wrong. You forget that not only he but I, myself, change. Those changes occur at different rates.

How can you compare a weekly, with a no-schedule? Surely you can see that small everyday increments are not so easy to follow in the long term. It's like watching a TV series and skipping some seasons.

I'm not discarding anything. Having the motivation isn't enough. Again, friendship is about 2 individuals.

What does "not having the motivation" have anything to do with "it isn't the first time"?

To my knowledge, losing a friend is something that happens to everybody. That doesn't talk about laziness but about growing apart. Different scenarios, different experiences, different attitudes, different...

1:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

See, you're a lazy friend.

Everyone of your friends live in different scenarios, have different experiences, present different attitudes, regardless of what city they live in. But you call them friends because you maintain contact with them with not much effort.

One leaves your city, and you state that you've lost a friend and you'll never see them again.

4:04 PM  
Blogger Guillermo said...

Sorry but I think there you are being lazy. Not know how you end up with the bad conclusion, but mister, I do have friends on other cities, states, countries. Don't jump to conclusions.

For the sake of the argument, let's say I'm lazy. "person A is lazy because A only befriends people who don't require much" Ain't it a circular argument? Do you see the problem in your argument? I do have friends in other countries. Maybe I can't expect you to read more than this entry... Of course you can say "those friends don't take much effort, because otherwise you wouldn't have them". There you are resting your argument on the statement which is being analyzed. That's the error. You see?

You can call me lazy if you want, as I don't know how much you know me I can't decide if you get the impression from this post or not. Therefore I can't address the concern. Anyway, thanks for reading it and letting me know your feel.

4:55 PM  
Blogger Allan said...

While I don't think you are lazy, I think your last comment is just confusing the issue with a display of logics... A logical smoke bomb, if you will.

If you have so many friends so far away, why are you farewelling James so soon? What's the difference?

5:12 PM  
Blogger Guillermo said...

What was the goal of this post? It wasn't telling the world my friendship ends. It was a "hey, my life will change with your departure".

When I said "It (life) teaches", I meant it pushes for A and B to be true. That isn't the end result. People do see each other again, every so often. Just that A happens more often. Another "lesson" of life: things are in the last place you expect it to be. You see what I'm meaning? Those lessons are generalities, "useful" stereotypes to predict the behavior of life.

I thought that by including "if life goes A", I was making explicit that A isn't inevitable. Though the writing went to that option, I wrote "Don't want to sound like a mourn, it isn't." That I though made a tacit statement that I wasn't saying goodbye it's the end...

Hope that this makes clearer the meaning of the post.

Allan, I know you don't read my blog often, but I do mark every time that a person does something of relevance to my life. Most of the times not so open, only a phrase. From the top of my head, the time when gunter left the company or when diana. Which I had a better "search blog" to put here the links. (And yes, both of them are friends still.)

5:44 PM  
Blogger Darth Julius said...

I think you're not a lazy friend but I think you're confusing the true meaning of friendship, lets call this guy "buddy", if you consider him a true friend, a real friend you'll be willing to go to his new home and visit him, because that absence somehow hurts you. You need him to fill some part of you. Anyway, I agree with you that if you lose a friend because a geographical reason was because he/she really wasn't your friend. Friends are for life :)

10:42 AM  

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