Friday, March 09, 2007

One day before my birthday, and the office arranged a mini-party for me =D Guys, if you read this, THANKS! You made me feel cherished, loved, cared. Twenty or so individuals decided I had to be hugged, :) They brought 2 cakes. And on my back discussed seriously what's my favorite flavour! My SO brought a yummy multicolored gelatin. Two managers came to say hi. I guess, to people outside of this corp. It isn't much. You need to see the diff... For example, normally when a bday comes a mail is sent with "hi, it's joe sixpack bday, we need 20 bucks to buy a cake." The day comes and we ask some store to bring us a cake. However, this time dulce sent "hi, tomorrow is the bday of our pal and friend memo so..."

Anyway I feel really good of being surrounded by people who care for me, so much.

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