Thursday, January 25, 2007

Almost 20 days without entries... Why have I forget this place? Because I've been busy. Or maybe the reason is that I couldn't fully write about it. What's the point of writing about something I'm not free to express? I love to write in riddles. And some readers find it difficult to kn0w when I'm doing it, but in the end I make sure all the pieces are there. And in this case I couldn't put the right part.
Anyway, my universe clashed. Lost the ruby module. I rewrote it. I designed a programming language. It's goal, to be deceitful. Needed two days to come up with the "Hello World!" It's name is kaRma. It about handling threads of life. Closing circles. And how everything has consequences :D
I'm finally going to make the GRE! I'm nervous. Feb 09!! Ok enough.

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