Saturday, December 02, 2006

Yesterday we got our posadisc. To those of you who have never heard it, is a Mexican festivity. Well, a Computer Science, class '02, Mexican party. Since graduation we have been kind of united. And so often we do plans together. And winter's holidays are a great excuse. Too much have changed since last year. Most of my pals don't work for the Machine, anymore. Those days are history, but as usual, the memories persist. Every year the married couples increase. As the fatty boys. Thought this year we would be less than the last year, but no, surprisingly we are constant :)
Insights from the party. It amaze me how a couple of months can change so much a couple. Some who were one and the same, now want space. I thought it was normal for marriage, but jaggy's keep being the same. Another thing, is there a part in the parties where if you get after it, you won't ever be part of it? In this case it was Mateos, who I hope, fortunately invited a friend. Or maybe it was just my perception of his boredom. While diana was very merry with her former schoolmates, I saw him contemplating us, as if trying to catch on. Maybe I'm completely wrong, and these parties aren't about chatting and laughing with as many as you can (being that rarely you can see some of them). For me a posada is a buffet. This time I was the one moving the piƱata. It's fun trying to be easy, while unreachable.
Anyway, let us see how next ISC party is. I wish some of them would forgive each other, though. Time is harsh for some of them.


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