Monday, November 27, 2006

Once again my novel astonishes me. I had set that some characters would have a meeting, nothing big, something akin to a dinner, let's call it brunch, though they would despise the concept. It's a high epoch setting, you know. Anyway, the plot required certain outcome. And what does it happen? That the girls start to get crazy, and before I know they're dancing and one of them is striping. What the... Then the "mean" daddy has to appear and ruin the fun. What happened to my decision to get certain things done? It went to the trash. Great job girls, I just asked for one thing... Ok Ok, I'll be honest, I'm quite happy about the outcome. Yes I know I will need to move destiny here and there to get the right circumstances, but I couldn't stop them. If they wanted to party on, who am I to stop them? Anyway, today I have 12k and so words. Kudos to me. Now I only have 3 days, to finish it, yeah right 8-)


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