Sunday, October 29, 2006

Maybe it was the drinks, but I had a really good Friday, two days ago. Red Ale is truly my favorite beer. Blast came when a couple of guys from a tobacco co came to offer us a game. It was supposed to be challenging and blah blah... It was just Hanoi Towers problem. Piece of cake. Just 4 levels. If it is odd, leave it far. As a gift (and being myself a non-smoker) got a nice flashing plastic cube. Shiny. Those strange parties when there are equal quantities of genders, have something that needs to be protected, jeje.

You know your sitcom isn't doing so well, when you see that the cast is reducing numbers. For instance, Today, a friend didn't show up. I mean, it was there, but never had a chance to look his face. Either something on his head or giving me the back. Maybe the actor is sick... Something has to change.


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