Friday, October 27, 2006

Diana's right, I should jump out of apathy. Of course being in the center means I don't see a real reason to take any action, at all. Maybe just by will... Anyway that hasn't taken away my amusement.
Last weekend my family came. Got to discover 4 new nephews. That was wonderful. Played with them a lot, taught them pois and they even talked about far away homes I have never seen. It's a cliche to say what a wonder kids are. So be it. Can't describe the feeling of a leap hug from madeline. You see, when I was less-than-a-meter I spent countless days in my uncle Pepe's house. His daughters were kind enough to nanny us (bro&I). Don't really know how old they were back then. Maybe 13, but to me, they were grown-ups. However one of them, Licho, was my favorite. At that age, she and myself wanted to be vets :) My uncle had a lot of pets, so I had much to discover in that house... Anyway, madeline is her daughter. Family ties have patterns.
Two days ago I had my first conference. Being a speaker was daunting, more accurately the idea of me talking to several strangers, in English... You might object, how can you have a blog on this language and have something against a friendly talk in it... Well, I'm not confident enough for my pronunciation. Even in Spanish I feel I speak it wrong... However at the end, none from US or similar arrived, so I was free to roam. Can't tell you the topic, confidential :P When I was up there I thought, what a chasm, I'm trying too much to be merry. Yet people felt it had humor enough not to be a boring subject. But I digress, what I find joyful is a piece of glass :D They gave it to me for that one-hour talk, which I successfully stretched to 1.5. Imagine, maybe someday a lawyer will give me clearance...


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