Sunday, October 15, 2006

Allan told me there will be 3 schools dedicated to animation and digital art. Am I the only one who thinks that's bad? It's just like what schools are all about now. I understand they are business, but shouldn't they have a commitment to look for all their students? Where will all these fellows go once graduated? I think schools should be ethical enough to say, hey, there's no possible way this community could absorb so many of these kind. That should apply to lawyers, also. Some could say, and who am I to stop someone from studying what he(she) wishes. I'm no one. They can look for whatever they wish, but someone has to care. Someone ought to mention these guys, "dude, you must know, not everyone is going to get to work on this. You better know that studying it isn't enough. Start working."
But what do I know. My classmates, most of them, didn't study it because they love it. They just enter it, because it sounded cool, with the least possible idea of what's going on. Can I expect more of the art guys? Maybe. More than half of my former peers think of the degree as a way to get money. For the sake of money :s Again, can I expect more? Possibly. Could the internet be a source for sustainable art? Meaning, that thanks to it, digital art will sell better, relieving us from the "it's more than this culture can handle of art".... Dunno. In a sense is good to know that there are so many wanting to do art. If only I were that naïve.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

no seas tan amargado... ser optimista no es ser naive.. .

10:36 AM  

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