Monday, November 13, 2006

I must be honest, last Sunday I told myself I would write and write. I see that I'm really behind, and as I said to james and allan, NaNoWriMo isn't for the faint. The problem is that I really care for my characters, but I won't be able to achieve my goal if I nurture them as I'm used to. That's why I passed most of the day, viewing an empty screen. Yet, time passed away and I new I couldn't afford more wasted time. I decided, I had December to care for. Luckily, LyX has many styles so I just marked my new text as "condensed". I know by experiences that I normally write very abstract, flavorless to those who hasn't read my mind to know what all that conveys. Therefore I had my care frozen in time. I "outlined" and let myself free of any detail. Don't need to stay IC or to consider which word would be best. To my amazement I wrote three thousand words in one sit of two hours. That's by far my record. And I could have stayed much more, but I wanted to sleep well for today, had an early meeting. 6238. It's amazing how well it went. I had fear my quality would drastically sink or that I would make my little persons do bad things, like not being true to themselves. However all came good, maybe better than I would have done if I had taken my time to polish. I believe I have a 1:3 condensed ratio, meaning I can easily explain myself so each sentence becomes three. For instance I wrote, A is gentle. While I would normally just write an action or a way of how's that. Need another 14 kcw (thousand condensed words) and I'll be over. That's like 9 hours of job. Now this seems feasible. But all that dry job isn't what really excites me, it's how my little fellows are developing. I really can see how they are much more than roles. I'm following Neil's advice, each of them should be quite interesting, even the nasty. Someone I would like to chat. And I'm proud of myself, it starts to feel like a love story after all. Maybe I'm padding myself to soon, but I'm proud of myself.

ps. too many "I" on this post, but I'm.


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