Saturday, November 04, 2006

For me the biggest obstacle is the blank page. A man of unexploited possibilities, that isn't really my description but gets the point. So many ways to start, to flow, to be. After that, it all flows and I wonder when I read myself, where the heck did this came from. My novel doesn't have a title yet, but I don't worry. Babies are fine for a year or so without a name... It definitely has a personality. It's fresh and gossip-like. It's about romance?? I'm late though.
My peers doesn't sound so motivated. At least to my ears, they sound vaguely like "I'll do it". James will probably write a terror novel. It is well inside his comfort zone. I hope that will give him the extra energy to fulfill the challenge. It isn't as fun to do a bet, if I'm the only one taking it seriously. Again, just my perception. Allan is going for an interesting mix of literature branches. He'll write about something he knows and wants mildly to do. So who's your champion? J, who writes from the safe zone, A, who is in the border, or Me, who have never written about it and knows next to nothing about the topic?


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