Wednesday, November 08, 2006

With 3272 under my belt I feel pretty good and at the same time, late. By the end of tomorrow I should have 15 thousand words :S Anyway, I have been working on stupid technical problems. Ceci asked if she could read what I had until know and I discovered a glitch in my LyX experience. All day I had relearn LyX and Latex. All for this:
At least the title is ready :P "Aquellos Entonces: La Crónica Real". On other news, Allan and Jaime continue on the run :)

Should I point that I have got a couple of surprises from doing this? Or is it too soon. I mean, I'm amazed of how some things are turning on. It's no secret that sometimes writers find themselves unable to make their characters do certain things... They get their own free will. Now I can count myself on that group! (The first, to my knowledge.) Also, there's a character that I didn't imagine at first, but it continues to pop on. I'm writing about something and he wants the light and does something stupid/witty... Yes, maybe it's too soon.


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