Saturday, December 02, 2006

Had a weird dream. Yes, another one. Who hasn't had a dream that repeats itself a couple of times? Or who hasn't had dreams that relate to other dreams? I know I have. And I even have re-runs of these series. The shocking part is that this night I had one episode I hadn't see previously that goes between two others I fully remember. This episode provides info so that the rest of the series becomes much more interesting but also has more sense. It's like if the night I was to see that dream I changed channel, and now until I get to see the rerun I notice, hey I skipped the third episode! It was strange my mind splitted. Half of it was living the skipped-rerun episode, and half was joyful that I'll finally understand why of things that I won't see until next night. The forth episode starts bizarrely enough with killing a baby, which was to become the successor to the throne. Never understood I was so cruel to an innocent. On the second episode, in the conclusion of it, there was a party of adventurers who had to escape from their plane of existence, there was a pregnant woman, whose child was destined to be the best king ever. For several nights, that gap between episodes itched me. But hey, dreams are strange, I can't expect logical stories, right? And now I found why!! =D
Third episode, it starts when the adventurers are in the other plane. We can contact the first plane, and be perceived as ghosts, with much energy. We are recollecting parts of vital information that we need to safely return with to-be-born king. This place is run by plants that attack anything too powerful. They let people leave on valleys, but when they develop any kind of strength, they are razed. And well, if you enter the forest, you might become food. Me, I'm lazy, I prefer to fly over it. Later I discovered, that flying was perceived as too powerful... Anyway I went to the town, seeking for food for my mates. When I returned, noticed how the build where we were, was full of plants. Ran to see the whereabouts of my peers. Three of them died, just Kappa survived, barely. Woj the most powerful of them had took all the damage it could. The woman was torn apart, but the baby was safe. Me, the viewer, saw this as a glitch, how can a baby survive, or why did the evil plants let him live? Me, the adventurer, was happy to have it safe. So Kappa healed, and I ran havoc through the forest, killing anything that resembled plant-like. Yes, I was in rage. Got the information from a priests, who thought it was dealing with dead guys. Anyway we went to the portal, so as to return to our plane. Before opening it, the forest came. Why was it so aggressive? Did they understood revenge? They act much more aggressive than ever before. Trying to destroy the portal, a never before heard thing. We barely cross it. Once on the other side of the portal, with the baby on my hands, I got it. Flashback, the future sovereign was killed with the mother by asphyxiation, the plants had switched in a bean. They had for too long wished on of theirs to be raised by the humans. They desired the genuine of our acts. So for them, it would be the best ever king among them. They fought hard, because they didn't foresee that we were gonna rise it on other plane. So what should I do? Prophecy said that the baby would be the greatest one of his kind. Do I fight destiny? End of episode.


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