Friday, December 01, 2006

Today my nation, México has a new president. And it was pacific in some way. More than I expected. Yet, I'm here to discuss another thing. I'm sick of people who have a certain idea in their hearts. "Those who aren't with us are stupid, don't love our country, and go fsck yourselves." I'm sad to tell that there are thousands of these people. And yes julio, this time I'm talking about you, but not only you, there are thousands. When I hear a person whose nick or whose political comments are just obscene wishes of sexual nature, curses, or plain painful death, I only see an ignoramus. You are down in my eyes, for you have made a crucial mistake. You have judged worthless whatever the other thinks and even more, you fear it. I understand it's just natural to fear what you don't understand. But let us be straight forward, such a visceral impulse on your part is fear acting. Had you not fear, you would act rational and do something along the lines of trying to understand why someone could think X. Then you could draw a line from your paradigm to that X. Or do you think human mind isn't connected? That those "poor" men and women aren't alive and feeling and thinking? The word hate (as is love) is a very strong word. And I'm thinking you might feel that way on those who oppose you. And that's a clear sign of something. I understand that topic is important to you, kudos for that. I respect someone who cherishes his/her nation. But how can I condone someone who blames others, who wants to rip apart his/her so called beloved nation. You like it or not, all of us are part of this beautiful country. I know you abhor certain idea, you think your opposite loves. Can't you discuss it? And accept that you are probably wrong, and had been punching straw men? When you hate someone, let it be Calderon or Lopez, you are de-humanizing them, and their psycophants, and even some followers. Please ask yourselves, are you doing it to not feel guilty of treating them bad, just for the sake of being different? In a sense, I'm just asking one thing. Please be human. Accept you are faulty and so the others. You, me, all are alive and trying our best to have a nice experience.

Ok Ok let us see how this applies to me. I don't want to belabor. From the top of my head, here's what I have realized I hate. Lies and Faith. No people or country comes. So how all my argument reflects on me hating? For one, I'm as human as all. Hate lies, because I'm a bit gullible on people. I assume people will tell me the truth. And I feel bad when they lie to me. Either I or he/she didn't trust or was irresponsible. I work hard to ensure my friendships feel they can tell me the truth. That's why I surround myself with responsible people. My algorithm, doesn't work with people who tell me the truth but doesn't want to take their life together. So if they made a mistake, they just want me to accept it as a fact, without doing something about it. Truth by itself isn't much, you need to not only give it, but receive it. Anyway I hate lies, because it crumbles my network. Because it reminds me that some people had opposites agenda. Because I'm able to lie. Because I'm a liar who want to be better, and every time someone lies, it tempts me. You can only hate and love when that is part of your essence.
And I hate the concept of believing without consideration. Of loosing yourself in whatever comes. It's rather dangerous. Hate faith, because it daunts me how people blinded by it do such a colossal effort to do acts but not taking responsibility of it. It's the perfect excuse for many. They won't need to fathom Why's. They can live in perpetual denial of reality. Hate it, because it's a drug. Noxious to you, but it brings a certain confidence. While you have it, you believe yourself immortal and the son of the gods. Every action happens because of something. In a word, you willfully return to a womb. Out of fear, but with pleasure. You are denying your identity and you even call Doubt a foe. I hate it because like every drug, I see how that destroys you. "What harm is there in me seeing spirits?" I hate it, because Faith is against change. Because Faith is the ultimate SNAFU. Hate it, because I sometimes want to forget that potential and actual aren't the same. Because I'm tempted every day to be less that what I can be. Because a life of Faith, is slavery. And much to my shame, there are times when I wish I could be irresponsible as those blinded. As you can see I only hate, what I fear to express in myself, that is the irresponsible Memo who doesn't care for the others, nor for him. My shadow.

And what do you hate? Is it a part of yourself?


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