Monday, November 27, 2006

Last Saturday went to ale's bday. It was a joy to see her again, after so long. Do I still have her book? Anyway, I met several of her Christians friends. Great guys, though I don't share their belief that faith is of any good to mankind. So all was fun and all until we got to a point where my Bright-ness shed me. They were nice, even after "coming out". Now I always assume that Christians don't believe in atheism. I mean, there are a lot of people who think that's a myth. :D Ironic. The interesting part is that as usual I have a great arsenal from so many previous encounters, and they no. I understand their philosophy and implications better than some of them. So it is disproportionate the advantage on the argument side. I try to play low, because, there's no point in discussing what is just emotional attachment. I like them. Yet, one of them said a couple of things I really couldn't stop myself of cutting through each and every hole I could find. Tear them, is my commitment. For instance, once he said Muslims were misogynist, because their Koran explicitly says women are inferior. I had to answer, and so does your bible. He tried to argue that the bible is special, not to be treated as anything else for many things. One by one I have to tear it. Hasn't these centuries taught us that all is context? One of my favorites to tear, was that Jews have always been Jews. That Jewish god has made true what he promised to Abraham. Had to explain that Egypticians and Chinese have a greater span of existence. That their race has intermingled as any other with their neighbors. Ok less, than usual. And that their beginnings are polytheist, as proven by the bible. You can still see marks of it on: Gen 3:22, Exo 3 and Exo 20:3-5. Another great point. When I tried to explain that Baal isn't the same as BelcebĂș. And they said, it's just the Greek translation. FYI, Baal means "Lord". ;)


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