Wednesday, March 07, 2007

So long... tons of things that should be here... Anyway, once again my bday is coming. This time I decided I should give away a party, thanking the people around me. So I'll pay most of the expenses. And just today I received an unexpected performance bonus, so I even got money to afford it!! :D Thus, this year I invited less people. Despite that, it was also because some are away :( as padilla, monge, and alba. I miss you guys. Let me check... 60 people. Though I expect only 40 to come up or so.

Lately I've worked with rails, it's fun. That's what's going on in my work-life. On the social part, there's a wedding coming like storm. That worries me, 'cause I'm not sure I'll like to dance under that rain. Will the moon ever rise again after that?? My family is ok, thanks for asking. My SO is fine. All in all, the year seems to be good and less frantic... See you.


Blogger hector said...

** sigh **...
({)({) <-- double msn hug. :-P

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