Friday, March 23, 2007

I'm so sleepy. Why do I post now? Because, it has been a while since my last entry. Let's see... something interesting but not too deep, because I'm tired... Some days ago I was driving and for the first time in my life, I feared being crush by a trailer. Nop, doesn't cut it. It's true, but who cares? Yesterday I went to lunch with the Big Guy. What I discovered, is that he's Awake, has a fresh mentality, probably Iteration X. He likes to pretend being a fool manager, just another PHB to other managers. However he knows his shit. And I say shit, 'cause that's how he call it. One of the gems he said was, "as you climb the corporate levels, you discover, that you are being paid, not for what you do, but for all the shit you need to eat daily". Meaning, I know this doesn't work, though middle management wants to paint it as if heaven on earth. It's a nice guy. At least now, he recognizes me. Nop, again, doesn't cut it. Too worky dorky. Besides some personal things, I've discovered that having a SO made an impact on my behavior. Unexpected as it was, now I'm more physical. I hug more. I wake up on the morning and give my old poppa a good one before leaving. I meet new people, and I shake hands with enthusiasm. And so on. Of course with girls, is even more explicit. I mean, I touch much more. And no, I don't do it with double intention. Now, that's who I am. (Disclaimer, with old friends it doesn't happen, maybe there's a tacit understanding that prevents the update). What?? Spell it. Cheesy. Days ago I heard a guy telling about how we don't wonder enough. "When was the last time you had a moment of awe?" An unending list of guys phoned him to support him. How sad is that. My last time, was an hour ago, when I discovered regexp used to see if X is prime. And before that one day. I wondered at the market why so many lettuces and how to distinguish them without much success :D Before that I made karina walk blindly through the grass while describing her how was the sunset. And so on.

Now let's return to work!

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