Thursday, April 12, 2007

EULAs are moronic. Have you ever itched after reading something? All was in uppercase...
"Important: Please read this end user license agreement carefully. Downloading, Installing or Using Cisco or Cisco-supplied software constitutes acceptance of this agreement."
WTF! So every time you ever use a stupid cisco machine, they think they have the right to impose a license! Wow. Let's do this here goes my HCLA:

Important: Please read this Hubristic Corporate* License Agreement. Reading, discussing, mumbling or even receiving this blog by any media known by any living being now or in any timeline in the omniverse constitutes acceptance of this agreement.

This blogger is willing to let you... Ok the terms are:
  • You accept your EULAs constitute an unfair deal, which you deem an aggression against your end users.
  • You accept you know that it is unethical.
  • You ask for forgiveness and will do something more useful, with the spirit of trust between users and corporations.
  • I accept your forgivenes.
  • You accept any other unknown term I come to think, under the understanding that you need to keep informed. Don't worry, I'm a benevolent HB (B for blogger).
*Let's define Hubristic Corporation as any business dumb/opportunistic enough to use EULAs similar to the one quoted.


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