Monday, July 02, 2007

At reddit we got a comic about Martyrcon '07. It was a chat between Prometheus and Jesus. Jesus was all "you must know who am I! I'm the world greatest martyr". However Prometheus said, "well I spent 3 hundred years being eaten by vultures but I'm sure your week was awful." :D

Anyway, that brought some Jesus fans claiming that it wasn't funny because one is a myth. Naturally, I went "so could you prove Jesus ever existed?". At the end some agreed there's no proof what so ever, so we gained a bit. And then, there was this comment (as a response to my there's no merit in Jesus' sacrifice -- he's a bully):
It's battered wife syndrome... "well, we made Jesus punish us because we are so very wicked. Good thing he is so nice and promised to punish us less! We're lucky to have such a nice Jesus!"
Wow, I haven't heard that thought ever expressed so good. I wonder if a super can make a case of this argument. Something that can positively differentiate between a battered wife syndrome and christianity...



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