Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Make everyday count. I wish I could keep up. This weekend at least, I was. I learned a terrible thing. I cherish the thought of being father soon. I'm a bit scared by that fact. You know me. I have tons of plans. I don't intend to marry soon. Or be stable! I love my profession and above all my freedom. And despite all this, I dream want to be father. I know my genes are affecting me! But maybe I won't put a fight... it's like hypnosis. I have heard that women feel the biological clock, but this is ridiculous! I'm not supposed to feel this way so soon! And for all I know, I'm the only between my pals to feel it. Even with the married ones! Too many exclamation marks in this entry. Gosh. Okay. Relax. I know that by writing this, somehow it is more real, but at the same time, it is reassuring. Maybe a year in the future I will read this back and think "Poor memo, it's just as when he desired so much to go to Texas." Or maybe I won't :s Anywho. I'm disabling comments for the moment. I don't want your opinions on this subject. This is between my offspring, myself and hopefully this girl I'm... stop reading. :P