Wednesday, January 02, 2008

My 2008 resolution is simple. Focus. I shall restrain myself. Instead of conquest, I should learn economics. Instead of horizontal, let us be vertical. I'm cleaning myself. I'm gonna do something I don't usually do. I will keep myself thinking inside-the-box.
I'm used to horizontal thinking, and most of the time I prefer taking the hard way. Not this year. That doesn't mean I will not have risks. No, what I'm talking about is that I will learn to say No to opportunities. In other words, I'm delaying the usual feedback cycles.
Today I have 5 projects, I expect to have for the end of the year just one. Today I have many friends, I will consolidate just a few. Today I have tons of hobbies, this year I will practice just one. I love to learn, so naturally I have kept the costume of picking tricks along the road. Well, it's time I swallow the bitter parts of learning. When one is a learner, it's always juiciest to taste a new fruit, than end your dish. Unfortunately, that leaves a mess. So this year I will concentrate in the now. It's a Zen moment, maybe.
To give a bit of background, let me remember my readers my last three resolutions. I always do just one big flavorful resolution. It's like a theme. 2005 was the year of "revival" or "growth". That year I asked my friends to come up with things they thought I would never do. Things I would normally hate or ignore, that year I did them. Because, people usually detriment themselves. 2006 was the year of "maintainability". That year I evaluated myself and made a list of what things should I nurture. Notice how similar to this year's resolution it is. It's like odd years are for experimentation, while even are "stabilizers". The main difference is that this year I'm about management with a vision for growth, while last time it was more like attending a growing tree. This year is more ambitious. It may sound static but it is a year to go where I want. 2007 was the year of "closures". Notice my pseudo-Hinduism cycle. My biggest accomplishment of the year was leaving my old work. I also "closed" some friends. I mean, I let them go. Another closure was with myself and my love life. I said goodbye to my single life in the sense that I lost some freedom. It wasn't easy for me, but it is the right choice. I had certain vices, specially some day-dreams I had to let go. My brother went to Canada, that's another cycle. I can't say I leapt out of it, nonetheless I'm out of that cycle.
I have to admit, Life's been pretty nice and friendly with my resolutions. I'm sailing with lucky wind, but I'm not complacent. I know that can change, therefore I have to focus and learn to sail as a master. That's why this year I focus! =)

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