Thursday, October 18, 2007

I don't know if this blog has any sense anymore. Julio has better English than this poor blogger. :( Ok ok, kidding aside I got my TOEFL results. I was disappointed with myself. Yes, I knew my pronunciation has always been my weak spot, but writing is also so bad :'( It seems I'm able to speak fair enough about business or academics, but mundane chit chat is out of my current possibilities.
On the other hand I got excellent reading and listening scores. I hope that UA can see my good things. All this tests are required if I intend to study my master degree. Maybe it is an excuse, but I continue to believe that I did bad in writing for the same reason I'm good with listening. I have a fuzzy understanding of plenty of things. So I can understand without much clues. This understanding makes me not see the details, the irrelevant but existing patterns. So when I write, I write as I would understand, instead of what people are used to. It's like every time that allan told me to stop defining words, my way.

The other day I drove my father to a street near el Santuario. For those of you not knowing, that place is where you can get cheap medicines. I hate that place, because I know it is illegal. Nonetheless I don't have the money to buy my father ever damn medicine he wants. I abhor how he decides which medicine to use, as if he was a physician. Yet my family constantly reminds me that it is not my decision how my father lives his life. Up to a point I agree. However I rather not help him poison himself... On the other hand he says he suffers without these medicines he has used fo so long. Anyway, I was there. By accident I scratched someone's car. And what did I do? I leave a note with my name and phone. I don't have much money in my bank account and people in the street told me to just run away. Even my father said it wasn't a good idea to do that. I hoped the other guy would see it wasn't a big deal and that he would pardon me. It isn't the case. Saturday morning I will pay. I'm still looking for a good place to fix my error.

I have seen tons of times in TV how a lady in distress faints. That has nothing to do with the real thing! Just two days ago karina fainted! Wow. It was surreal. We were watching Dr. House, a specially bloody scene that brought her memories, when she calmly said "You do know what happens when I see blood, right?" I wasn't prepared. I thought it was a pop quiz. "Sure, you get all dizzy as if fainting. But come on, that's just a tv program. You won't believe that's actual blo..." I couldn't finish my line. She dropped. Barely I caught her in mid-air. Nervous laugh. I wasn't scared, nor loose my head. Just couldn't believe this was happening for real. I grabbed her, with special care to her head. With the same calm as she had done I call my mother to come. I rested karina over my bed. Sleeping Beauty. On the other hand, my mother went hysteric. I had to explain her it wasn't so bad. Anyway the lesson is, first aid curses do work. They teach simple lessons that can be handy the moment you less expect.

Yes, she is fine. Thanks for asking.

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Blogger Darth Julius said...

First about your English, I'm going to give you a good advice: Stop writting those poor grammatically constructed poems, anagrams, whatever :P


Second about your dad I'm glad he is fime, my dad also buys cheap medicine at that place (well an uncle does but he asks him to buy him medicine there for him), I agree with you.. even worst many of that medicine is not original or is made by pirates. But regarding your car incident, you did the correct thing, but I think you should adapt to the context. You're in Mexico dude, is OK that you try to change the culture, good for you. But Mexico won't change that easy, at least you try... that action is more justified on a richer first world country, maybe just you're a more evolved person and don't belong to a third world culture like here. But you did the right thing to do, you acted with ethics and moral...Even though, here in Mexico nobody does that.


About Karina, I didn't know that she fainted when she sees blood... But the other day we watched Resident Evil 3, I don't understand...then it won't be a good idea to take her to "Carla's job" lol :P


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