Sunday, May 04, 2008

I'm adjusting to this new life. It's funny how a person can really reach your core in a year and so. Last days I was deep blue, but I'm coming out of the cave. So what's my surprise when I find the world changed for my friends just as much as for me. I think all this could be traced to a trip I didn't went. As usual, if you inquire they say it was a vanilla trip. However, being the outsider I can feel that something went different.
They went to existencial lake and no one thought it was worth mentioning. I can see why allan went there. Even pollo. However, what could trigger padilla's journey? Maybe peer pressure, who knows.
I'm reluctant to go there. Why? Because I know it fully well. It's like disneyland. It's great to be there, once in your life; but camping there, I'm not fan of it. The night life sucks. There's not much to do, except rest and relax. It's a fantastic place to meet yourself, but once you do it, go home. There's a good reason why it is a virgin place. It's beautiful, but there are better things to do, elsewhere. Beware of the high tides.
Anyway, sorry for that alegoria, I got carried away. My honest simple answer to "what's the point of existence?" is this. "None whatsoever. There won't be a moment when all makes sense. That's a Platonist point of view that doesn't help you in any way. " However, that doesn't seems to make the trick. They seem to take it literally the "have a dream?" Or imply that you need to focus in one, the best. As if you wasted time following another dream. Or maybe worse. Maybe they can't see anything worthy. That, I don't have a general answer for that argument. I can only tell what works for me. Yes, that sounds as if I have my life set. It isn't. However I know a few tricks. I know, more important I live by the precept, that worthy is whatever you believe it to be. That "transcendental" is an apt illusion we cast for fear in our mortality. That all this questions, they aren't really important. You are getting it wrong. Answering them doesn't make you a better person, nor looking for those answers. You can get the answers, but you won't come out any less existencial. It's ironic. These questions can be thought as the answer of life. This quest is really an excuse to keep you busy. Maybe that's your drift. I prefer enjoying life. Am I a hedonist? No. I'm just saying, do with this life whatever your imagination propels you to do. If your imagination is a bit dry, maybe it is because you are taking your dreams too seriously. Maybe dreams are meant to be fuzzy.

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