Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Doki is gone. He won't return. He was with me for a week and I ended up loving him more than I wish to accept it. Grown ups shouldn't love pets so much, it isn't a "cool" thing to say, "hey I love my dog" isn't a thing to share with friends. He wasn't even my dog, but I will miss him. I don't know his race, age or history, I only know that six days ago I rescue him from Trapo, my brother's dog. He is tea cup sized. He couldn't jump to the furniture by itself so I had to teach him the "ladder movement". Compared with Trapo, we was very intelligent. By the second day he could know when I was talking about him. His previous owner doesn't know dick about having a dog. Yes I said dick. All his three months or so of being puppy he was always in the porch, not really leaving among humans or with furniture. I took as my charge to teach him to behave among humans. By the fifth day I was waking up early so that he could walk a bit and pee where he is supposed to do. By the third night, he by its own decided that sleeping in a bed was much better that in the floor. I couldn't punish him for finding a truth. From that day forward, he slept in my bed, sometimes at my feet, some time at my head level. November is a cold month. He followed me to every place I went, and cried when I went amiss. When I washed dishes through the night, he was there, sleeping at my feet to make me company. What did I make to deserver such loyalty? I don't know much about dogs, but I believe, they know about their own existence. They own friend from foe. They love and they hate. They own things and understand about hierarchy. All of these I know. Do they understand betrayal? Because I think what I did was just that. At 5 pm, I called him, awoke him. His "rightful" owner asked him back, and I didn't say anything. Doki is gone. He won't return.

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