Friday, August 08, 2008

I have been in Innox for a while. For me, this is a client relationship; however, I have spent so much time here that I couldn't help myself but to develop friendships. This is the place where I met 5 guys from Zacatecas. Almost like a reality show, they were forced to live together under the premise that they would grow and be better developers by working at Guadalajara. With theses 5 guys I spent almost every lunch since the start of the year. I have come to known them pretty well. They aren't the best, neither the bravest, but they are honest with their strengths and weakness. They don't pretend to be someone else, contrary to other friends. Each of them became a bit more like themselves through this 8 months stay. I salute you guys, my friends, I wish you great things. You are younger than me, and somehow I became a role model for you. A guide, a mentor, a link to the world you didn't knew existed. I was proud of doing that job. You weren't a team, but a family. In the truest, cruelest way families actually are. 5 men in a closed space creates hierarchy, struggles and some bitterness don't dismay. You weren't very united, but somehow I befriended you all. Cherish this memories.
Nacho, the quiet, he had a thing for Japanese culture and good movies. I spent several months trying to open him. From all them all, he was the most aware about nurture's power. Berumen, the smiling, he is a top notch programmer, however he still lacks ambition. He is a just man. You won't win against him in a drink game. That's stamina. Rumeni, the friendly, he is a smart guy and probably the most well-rounded of the bunch. He has a noble soul and is continually amazed by life. Eyes of youth. Pepe, the caregiver, he was the nexus in the house. He was the unspoken leader. Basically, he ran the house, he cooked, but most important, he knows that networking matters. Innox Guadalajara will resent more his absence than anyone's else. And, Fabricio, the kid, he was the most immature with all the good and bad stuff that this brings. His loyalty towards me, scared me. He had the most troubles with the rest of the bunch. However, deep down, I think all of them related to him. He manifested the fears and emotions that the other were trying to hide as grown men are taught to do. He was the shadow's group and that deserves credit.
I will miss them in my lunches, and I hope to see them again in the near future. I post this, for a very simple reason, to remember this stage of my life, though small, it was gratifying. Keep well, and thanks for all the beer.



Blogger Karina said...

Pues bueno, no quisiera dejar pasar el darte algun comentario. Aunque no comprendo todo tu escrito al 100%, pero puedo entender que expresas que te gusta la compania de tus 5 amigos de zacatecas =D y que tambien disfrutas el ser el mentor y la persona que les ayuda todos los dias. Por otro lado me da gusto tambien que disfrutes el tiempo con ellos. =D

6:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Que buena onda que por el post ñ_ñ, exelente descripción de toda la banda jajaja, me hiciste recordar viejos y buenos tiempos en gdl creo que voy a llorar jejeje.

Un saludo y abrazo desde Zacatecas.

Hécktor Berumen

5:46 PM  

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