Thursday, June 19, 2008

Four things to do when you don't have an internet connection:
-Keep up with your novella!
-Learn your Teach12 courses
-Grow your German via Rosetta
-Write one more page for Inane

Four things you should do:
-Your portfolio (

Four things you actually do when it happens:
-Listen to Teach12 courses
-Blog entries

These are notes to myself. I remember when there was no internet. Before Reddit, Gmail, MSN, Blogs, Webcomics... It is a rainy day all over again.

Eight random thoughts that I may have written elsewhere.
  1. People say 21 is when males' sexual desires are at their maximum; They are wrong.
  2. People say I'm arrogant. I am, and it is a strength.
  3. There are four kinds of multiverses and it is math all the way down. That's what I have come to believe.
  4. There's a moment in everybody's adult life, the bacon point. It is when you realize you can eat all the bacon you want, when you want. I think most of my friends haven't fully grasped this, which is a shame.
  5. Now it is official, most women of my age would classify as MILFs. That makes me more pervert or less?
  6. I'm working with right-wing organizations. Helping them. I wonder, am I making the world any favor?
  7. Allan thinks a person shouldn't be insulted by things that only insult a few. That's like arguing jokes are bad if only a few get them. And bad jokes are the only worthy jokes.
  8. Truthfully I'm a little worried about Allan. He seems dim. Less an Allan, more a gray. His quest for pragmatism is turning him into a boring guy. Or more specifically, a risk adverse guy. If he thinks he isn't strong enough in X area, he will avoid it. Unfortunately he has good enough sense to know he isn't particularly strong in any area. Just like you, or almost any human being! He would claim X isn't his style... He's scare of his 30s. I'm not yoda this point, though.
  9. Kamilo is pinoccio! Damn it, I should have seen this comming from afar.
  10. I am no longer worried about Jaime. Thanks to Polo Polo.
  11. I am doing something right, I keep finding I have great friends.

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