Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Every year I should do this. Give a status report of how's life. There's an email about the bicentennial celebration of Mexico's independence. It says we don't have anything to celebrate. I say, "frack off". That event brings goodies for existing. We should stop a party just because there are some problems. For the record, I'm aware Mexico doesn't have 200 years... Independence was signed in 1821.

Anyway, even though that's my stand on the issue, I care. There's not much purpose in that email, but that perspective applied to one's life makes a lot more sense. How are your 30 years of life Memo? Notice the differences. I can do something about my life while Mexico's problems are almost all outside my scope.

I have savings to not receive a penny for half a year. (A year if I play it safe.) I have friends that I can trust with my life. I'm helping people become better programmers. I'm making 2 games that can be fun and constructive to modern lifestyle. I had a break-through in my understanding of AI. I'm learning german. I will take a course in sign language. I have an interesting story about robots. I'm meeting creative guys all the time. I love and I'm beloved.

Who can deny I'm having a terrific year? Future looks bright, present is fun, past has been warm. Do I have unsatisfied things? Sure. But all can wait, for I gotta feeling. I gotta a feeling that tonight's gonna be a good night. :D Sorry, I cannot control myself. Let's live it up.


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