Saturday, December 19, 2009

I intend to make a habit. A numerical trivia. I talked with adan about the monkeysphere. That made me realize, Can I name 150 persons who I care about? No I can't. I got 19. Reader, if I may say, try it at home. How did I defined "person I care about"? Someone who I would love to talk with in 10 years if by some reason I had a comma. I listed them in alphabetical order but it was a real experience to name them. To be honest, I got 5 with no effort, next 10 I had some difficulty and last 3 I almost missed them. I would have regretted if I had not included them. 42.1% are women. If my A/B testing is right... that's conclusive evidence that I have stronger relationships with men. Maybe not surprising to you, but I wasn't so sure. Years ago, I would have selected more women.

Anyway I will do this every year, to track how this works with me. (If I had had 3 male friends less statistically speaking my data would be useless in the gender enigma.)

On another topic, I was talking with daniel about important people when the question was raised... How many men have you met that have deeply provoked a breakthrough in your development? 2. And women? Again, 2.

Should I get a more active role in looking for people like these 4 friends? Or am I set to be Memo so that phase is over? Dunno. I know that my 19-names list just includes one of them. And she's fading out. (And pollo is dead.)

Why do I care about these numbers? To keep me true. I love my work, but I have from time to time remember that people matter and that I should spend more meaningful time with them. Life is good, as it happens, I got 2 weeks off to do just that :D
  1. adan
  2. ale
  3. ana
  4. bety
  5. ceci
  6. daniel
  7. daniel r.
  8. david
  9. hagen
  10. ivonne
  11. jaime
  12. jorge h.
  13. julio
  14. karina
  15. madre
  16. mauricio
  17. monge
  18. padilla
  19. yéssica
If you don't see yourself there, there's a chance I'm forgetting you, sorry if that's the case. On the other hand, maybe you aren't that active in my life anymore. I had other names, other years. If it really bothers you, let's talk, this post is about doing that after all! Have meaningful interactions.

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Blogger aLe said...

Estoy en la lista =)

7:50 PM  
Blogger Goyim said...

Ájalas me tocó el numero de la buena suerte (será por aquello de las 13 colonias y que el 13 es un número masón acaso???).

8:25 PM  

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