Monday, April 05, 2010

This month I'm taking the Script Frenzy challenge. It's like NaNoWriMo meets the rest of entretainment. I have just learned about "Save the Cat!" and the 15 beats. I'm really excited to see this happening as I haven't been able to finish NaNoWrimo... I'm doing a Comic. An old idea I had in the oven. Right now I'm in page 11. The Debate is about to happen. I already know what to put in the first 24 pages, but I have a great deal to work. Specially does frakked dialogues. I'm just not used to them. I wish I can sell the idea to an artist some day... It's kinda hard to know a comic has to parents but not knowing who is the other one. How much detail should I put in a scene? All I know is that both roles should be equal for maximum appeal. I'm developing a more visual-oriented mind for this task. Anyway, back to work :)

PS. If I finish I will add an excerpt here. I will add the full version once I have an artist that believes that's a good idea :p


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