Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It's funny how this blog keeps becoming a dream journal. The important stuff is either too private or maybe with age I'm more concerned about who might discover it. On the other hand, dreams are quite private, right?
Anyways… I had a dream two days ago. I dreamt that fb was testing a new phone app. Shared dream technology, using my phone as interface. They were doing secret experiments to discover if that could be the next best thing to top Hangouts. Unfortunately they didn't anticipated that people don't behave in dreams like in real life. Even if you don't know you are sleeping, you simply don't have access to certain areas of your brain. So it was not a pleasant surprise to chat with your friends. You think the internet allows us to be jerks, wait until you see how people treat people in dreams.
Also, there was this small problem of nightmares roaming free of their sleepers, and that guy that sublimated frustration by killing strangers. Good news is that you just wake up if you die in that experiment. I remember knowing that I was in a dream, but that it was quite different than usual with my lucid dreams. FB had setup a small pretty village for the experiment. I never dream about villages, hehe.
I remember feeling good knowing that Karina was not in danger as she doesn't have an smartphone. I remember trying to outsmart the killer. Usually in my lucid dreams I can summon powers/magic. Something was preventing me from controlling my dream. So I couldn't hide, I needed to discover what was going on and tell the people about this dark project. I noticed policemen appearing, obviously fb guys. Who uses those colors? hehe.
FB was trying to capture the killer, people were tweeting about their strange dreams. They wanted to cover it all. I was this close to finding out how they managed to maintain a shared coherance when they turned it off. I remember waking up in my room. And then I knew I was still dreaming, hehe. Stupid nested dreams. I was in a lucid dream now.
It always amazes me the kind of dreams my subconscious can spin. The way we play. I need to point out that before going to sleep I was complaining. The previous dream had been quite dry. Only math. I don't rest when I dream only math. I can see my subconscious saying, 'ah so you think I'm loosing my touch?'. =) I love me, there I say it. Happy?

ps. I know it was just a dream, because david was there, he's in qatar, it's not night over there while I sleep :p

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