Friday, August 06, 2010

The other day I dreamt my teeth were falling. For a long time I hadn't had recursive dreams. That is "waking up" but still being dreaming. So, in this dream I was loosing all my teeth and waking up just to again loose them all and so on. I was concerned and disoriented, "why is this happening?". As the wake up progressions happened I realized I was dreaming. So I kept loosing them but my mind was just "why am I dreaming this?".

I woke up for real and my mind kept asking me. Dream dictionaries are bullshit so I just started a free association chain. Teeth are white. No, that's not a clue. Teeth are bones. Nop. And so on. I know myself so after a while I let it slip. Let my subconscious work with it.

I get tons of ideas while bathing so it's natural that my subconscious sprouted then. Teeth change when you grow up. :D

I knew it true when I consciously thought it.

Bottom line, some part of myself thinks SF will grow me up more than I expect. So the lesson is "don't be shy, this is a huge step, accept it!" :D You win, I mean, I win! This is huge, it's a big deal and I don't fraking know what will happen, but I want to be there NOW.

ps. This Polloday I want to tell all my friends how much I care for them. The positive influence you are for me and that you are not taken for granted.

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