Saturday, April 10, 2010

I'm advised against writing this, but what the hell. It's memorable thing. (The advise comes from myself :p)

In the afternoon I had a dream, a very very realistic one as I have never have it before. I was at the same room I went to sleep so contrary to my normal ways I didn't realize I was dreaming. I don't know why I started but it felt so real. I was crying. Mourning pollo. Even more, I screamed for a while. I did so for, what I felt was, hours. I felt my throat ripped, my eyes burned. Until I couldn't do it any more. At the end I was so tired that I went to "sleep".

I woke up with a complete sense of tranquility. Peace of mind. Satori-like. I feel I got a pretty good deal from the experience. It's like dreaming about doing your homework and waking up with it, right?

My throat and eyes are perfectly fine. It never happened. My mind is also fine. It happened. :)
Epilogue: After sleeping inside my dream, and before waking up... I had another dream. About the future. Karina, 3 kids and myself in park. If anyone follows this blog, they should know that I have dreamt about my kids several times :p Well, it's the first time I dream of the mother...
I wish I had destroyed something in my dream...

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