Saturday, December 06, 2008

Don't think I forgot it. I wished to contact you all day. I was busy. :( Couldn't sleep without wishing you a Happy New Year. In my mind I have this thesis, that one's birthday should be like your private New Year. Time to throughly think, time to be merry. Perhaps. How hard is it to write this thing. I know we have grow apart and it is my fault. I am wishing this could leave you a smile. I want to tell you how good is my life. Monday will be a great day. I want to share so much, but I doubt. How will you respond? I'm scared that I don't know you anymore. You haven't changed, it was me, which in turn changed your attitude towards me. This train of thought sucks. At night, my mind hovers to thinking how would you be. Hope comes, it's ignited by how proud you are of your work, of your achievements. Has been a long time since I saw your family, but I bet I will see you again not in so much time. You will pwn me at the Valencia frontó. Or maybe we could watch some movies; this time in my house. You give me hope. Knowing I fucked it up with you, but despite it, you continue to teach me so much. Because with the distance you have become an effigy in my life. You were the one who opened my eyes about not expecting my partner to want to be better at everything, every time. You were the one who told me how dumbass I was for distancing myself just because there was distance. You alarmed me about me loosing my innocence. You don't know it, but all these are thorns. Thanks to you I'm doing something about all these things I was born challenged. Without place for a doubt, you have saved my relationship with karina several times. She doesn't know this. I love her, but I wasn't ready for her. If you have to leave this with something, be it that you have engraved yourself in me. I am a better man because of you. I have many friends, with several I can have quite interesting conversations but only a few can tell "I was so stubborn to actually change him". Happy birthday, I love you dearly! :)

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