Sunday, December 14, 2008

I'm still alien to my friends. Not that it matters this time. Surprise, I have a time line of my life. I have always had one. Not complete, not clean, but I had always known certain things. For instance that I would be veggie one day. Or that I will serve in the peace corps one day. (I estimate that to be around my 40s). I had for a time the idea of having dreadlocks, but that is out of the picture because of a promise. My time line isn't a secret wisdom. It is a tour I have thought to be good, that's all. Now the question is why haven't my friends thought about something like that? Sure, most have the idea about growing a family, having a house, visiting Europe... my take is that it is much more fun to not want a family but 1 daughter and 2 sons, a house designed by me with a secret corridor and eating special muffins in Holland. Will I be sad if I don't get those things? No I won't. Those are OCD goals for this half sitcom/one-third Reality of Goo. I'm happy Solar cosmic rays haven't increased radiation levels on this planet, but I digress.
One day I will do politics, long enough to make a tiny improvement, not so much as to get bonded. One day I will speak fluently Esperanto, write Lojban and read Latin, and I will sign the American way. One day I will finish my theorem about Rubik's symmetry group. One day I will do a breakthrough in AI.

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