Friday, September 12, 2003

I normally don't like to post about things that long ago happened. As you may know, I prefer fresh entries about what I'm right now feeling than memories of past days. Yet there are a couple of issues that I need to put here, cause it will be fun to whoever still reads this blog.

Have you ever played rpg with 4 women? If the answer is no, you should try =) Last Tuesday I finally get what I planned, yet another role-playing game... Well there's the chance that you may not know that I'm currently the storyteller of a vampire chronicle, who I'm as well will name it: "Clash of Wills". This story is co-authored by Daniel, Julio, Jaime and that-whose-name-should-not-be-written-here (let's label him as TWNSNBWH to be brief, jaja). Simultaneously I made some coincidental magic and started "Toreador: Wrath & Mighty". You know, I'm starting to love giving name to these things =)

I'm sorry if I don't describe fully the "Clash of Wills", but if anyone reads this blog; probability says that you already knew about this one. Anyway, this four women are from my "Círculo de Lectura". There's one Gangrel, one Toreador and two ventrues. That's the first time I meet someone who likes Toreador, by the way. Watching how women play Vampire: The Masquerade is really funny, educational and good. I need to tell you that being the ST of this 4 gals, has been my best game. They are complete newbies on this field, and are near the Perfect Player described by Matt BlackHat on his homepage (he works for WW in case you didn't know). Maybe it is just me, but on guys games we are easy to enter on a competition basis among players, and even more, between player and ST. There's the fame that women will backstab each other, if that's true they forgot it while they entered WoD. They are working hard to make a story! They want to meet each other. As they are newbies they tend to try what they have seen on movies (then I give them consequences as real life, jaja). At the end of the first sessions they were intrigued, and fascinated with "what is next?" attitude. There were many situations in which they tried to persuade me that vampires were supposed to do that. However I proceeded by telling them that this wasn't how thing work on WoD, and setup things so that they discovered how that feature makes the game more enjoyable. pe'i I suceeded. It was great to hear how they anticipated/guessed that, this rich couple of high society might be vampires. I love it. The question is, have I progressed on my ST skills? Or newbies are easier to amaze? Or does this thing has anything to do with the X-factor on their chromosomes? pe'i it's a mixture. As stated before wanting to do a groupal story could easily be identified as a female behaviour... Well I need to go... I will conclude this thing later...