Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I'm pissed off. I've already read hp7, so it isn't about spoilers. It's about a kind of mind. The kind of mind who thinks it's good to read the end of a book. What dumb-ass doesn't know that a book is worth for the experience you have through the pages?? What fool can think that he can know a dick of a book he only read the end? Moron.

There are some guys, commonly referred as smart-ass, who delight in the misery of others. Congrats pal, you are that short of becoming one. It's important to remember that those guys are commonly low in self-esteem. They want to procure some power at the expense of the people around. It's like they want make us pay for the misery they have. Having not found the patience/wits/guts/willpower to do the pleasurable activity, but feeling alone they have only one thing to do, try to keep all of us in the same misery as they. It's the proverbial crab in the bucket.

I know Schadenfreude is kind of a natural feeling, but this is beyond it. It's sort of evil to enjoy inducing pain to others.

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