Monday, September 22, 2003

Today, it has been a rollercoaster. Today it's my brother's birthday. I started this day as a family, which is wierd cause I mean that for me the day started from the first moment one can consider today. I was learning some wén (which are like basic pictograms on zhongwen a.k.a. chinese). So I first was learning. Then I had some fun trying to convince my brother to have a family breakfast (which of course no one wanted). After a couple of congratulations I ate. To summarize it, it was a happy family moment, just to live with each other. Then I slept; I don't particularly remember it. I wake up with the feeling that this particular day it would be special. BTW, this moment I still have the hard to forget book, Coraline. One wonders how Neil Gaiman does these things... My day at work was specially good. I became moderator twice, which was very hard for me; after all I'm shy. It's an important step on my life to know when to produce authority. Moderators are supposed to be fair, impartial and respected. I think I can handle these. But how do you say "stop talking we have an agenda"? Afterall, two or three of them are by all means higher on the organization ladder. One was on spanish, with people who wanted to talk, give their opinion. The other one, on english, with people who wanted to get outta here. I'm not proud of my english, btw. And mispronunciating focus was really fun. I learned a lot more than words can fairly describe (or I'm just too lazy to tell [Believe whatever you want, both are true]). Today wasn't much about treating my friends, yet this day I felt once again empathy with someone's else wish come true. ThisI shall guard secret, by request. The thing is I really felt part of a wish.... At lunch I got exactly what I desired for lunch, and it wasn't as good as when I desired it. So you may read this thing and maybe pretend I'm not a aesopus allegory... I was very glad of it, cause it keep me at bay from falling on the ISE field. I have some key things against that environment but that's another issue. And then she entered my visual area. She was gorgeous... I was very distracted from this point on. And then she disappeared as any respectable fae must do it. Of course, she is real and I have glanced her... sometimes... This afternoon I went to my local comicshop and exited it with my own personal ENDLESS NIGHT edition, which is mine. I went from work to comicastle with not many expectations. Some new WW I should have discovered, and before I asked for it, ENDLESS NIGHT came. It's not fair to remember just the last thing which happens on a good day. So I will just repeat ENDLESS NIGHT, one last time, which is perfectly rounded for me. I have only read the first two... I waited for the bus to get home and by some idea I got I thought probability tells me I should approach the next bus. Just to make it clear, there was no bus approaching... and the next bus wasn't getting me near my home... yeah right.... Now I'm with the idea of not lenting it to anyone... my precious [<---- obvious reference here] It should pass.... So that's one of my days. BTW, I got a new harddrive also =)