Thursday, April 29, 2004

Today it has been a bliss, and at the same time there is a little shadow at the background. The bliss is because I continue to enjoy a good life, I feel as in the start of many good things. The shadow is part of that light. For example, I'm asking for credit to the bank, for a new car. The shadow is my worry of entering that death trap of life which consist on owing and being on a race against time to have more and more... On the other hand, getting the car, will sure free me of so many things... I don't know from where I get this, but "maturity is all about chosing small sacrifices". When I read this entry, I found it to cryptic....

Sunday, April 25, 2004

So long since my last entry... let's see what I can recall. Yesterday I went to Adan's wedding. I haven't talk much of Adan... since I entered my work, he has been one of the nearest persons. I think it is his personality, 'cause he wasn't even on my team at that time. I consider him a friend, in the full scope of the concept. People say that we may be twins :S I think I could have been like him if things were different. I'm glad for this new phase that Adan is entering on.

Do I really overuse passive mode?

Anyway, my life is changing on the romantic side. I've recalled doors that I tried to don't see, and which I've promised to myself not to dare enter. And at the same time a new door is infront of my eyes. I hope the better of this scene. I don't know what will be, but I found myself more secure than the last time. And that reminds me of a phrase said by myself (about tango but that reverberates):

"'Cause she saw my insecurity, she panicked. So she couldn't follow me."

On other news I've made my mind about my quirk with queues. It was a lesson from life. While lunching, I selected my meals by the estimated time I thought I'll need to wait, instead of relying on what I wished to eat. That's unfair. Now as I know that I'll have to wait no matter what... I'm free to eat what I wish.

Of course it's a bit difficult to explain that to people, since I don't believe in power from above. But the mora accurate explanation should be on the lines of: "I've chosen to interpret this as a lesson to better my life. It really doesn't have to do with anything external."

Well I need to continue working... but first two anouncements. 1) Count Your Sheep, Rulez!!! 2) Now you can mail me to =)