Saturday, October 22, 2005

While I ate my last barbecued taco a golden-all-smile child scared away the flies around me. Couldn't help myself. Smirk.

(The mother wasn't happy at all, good kids don't bother gentleman) =)
Life had some turnovers. From the minor broken podometer (who had imagined that a small fall of 1 meter at most could surrender it) to my dad's operation, this week has been harsh. Today I feel good, but the days before weren't so magnific. I felt tired most of it. Haven't solved half my issues, but once again I'm optimist. Sorry guys to those whom I wasn't so communicative. Not much to tell. Do have a myriad of things to think about, on the other hand, I'm taking a break on most of them. I mean, am I supposed to take care of everything all the time? Nah, Life will ultimately go on anyway.

ps. thanks monge for offering to go with me to the hospital.

I'm looking forward to Sunday's experience, trying to forgive another one and reading an excellent book which is changing me inside out, not so bad a week after all.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Meet my friend. Until a minute ago, he gave me great joy. I was proud of him. I'm still. He symbolized a feeling, a desire, a dream, an innocence I thought was lost. But that fairy story is over. It felt good while it lasted. I thank the honesty. There's no regret in any effort I spent. Better luck next time, right? Life goes on.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Saturday in a minute.

Work. Bath. Take the bus. Get angry, there's no Lucy, again. Yummy barbacoa. New shoes, new belt, new blue tennis. Bendito Infierno. Resist temptation to SMS. Tacos El Inge. Pepillo's call "why aren't you in my party?" El Muro. Saloon Beer. Mondo Bir. "For every 2 jars one Texan" One Texan. Coyote Ugly. Frank dancing over the chair. One Texan. A girl "selling" tickets for El Sorteo del Tec. One Texan. Vladi telling too much. "Who's driving pepillo home? Vladi" "Vladi take the girl, we are going in another car ¬.¬" Lo Mejor de Mi Vida Has sido Tú. Piss the street with vladi.

Life is full of good memories.

Today most of my friends at IBM discovered the name. Well, hope it doesn't propagate. I like to know that my friends want to help and all, but please stay calm, if I err, let me break my nose... Did Allan do that on purpose? ¬.¬ How long had Alba knew about it? Did I mentioned that now I have a Mazatlán postcard? There are a lot of what-ifs in this mind. The good news is I got a copy of the Tao Teh King... Yellow road, here we are. Lo'e selfri cu xamgu