Friday, November 26, 2004

Yesterday was a very fun afternoon. I discovered that similar places can feel a lot different with the right mirrors and light. I finally went to Erika's new apartment; she lives in the same set of buildings that Allan, so I expected a very similar place. I think Allan's apartment is rather good to live alone, but having more people is asking for trouble... or so I thought. Erika's a very good hostess, she managed to give me a tour with many footnotes :) (Compare this to the almost silent Allan who more or less said, "meet my place" [and extended the arms]). She even invited me to dinner, but I had already a mission, someday I should take the invitation.

As a side note, I hope that at my return to guadalajara I'll be able to wake up pollo and at last make the so promised move, to independent life :)

My mission for Thursday I have already said to you was to buy Karen's xmas gift. Karen Martinez Martinez, known by some inhuman bureocracy as 34MS, is the name of the little cute 6-year-old girl. So I went with Mariana to a wallmart and walked our way to see clothes. My knowledge of garments is such, that until recent didn't knew about the white socks taboo, jeje. Use them only for sports, or if you are michael jackson... Anyway, that's why asked her the favour, remember that we aren't talking about simple easy boy cloth, no... it's about girls and the complicate set of not written rules they have. It wasn't so hard to find a sweater and a jean that matched and looked fine. The not so easy part was to choose a doll. She is 6, so a barbie wouldn't cut it, too small. (And I wouldn't want to give one anyway.) So we walk through the toy section seeking for one. In the midway I discovered that Mariana didn't had the Santa Claus myth in her childhood. That was more than interesant, because I don't like that myth and if possible I won't transmit it to my offspring. A very funny part was when in the middle of this conversation she started something along the lines "It wasn't hard to know that there is no Santa Claus"... Of course before she was in the middle of that sentence I quickly grabbed her out of the toy section! Could you imagine how many childs could have hear it, jeje. One thing is that I don't like the idea about being child being instructed to believe in empty vessels, but other thing is to crush it. After a time walking around fruits, while we ended that conversation, we returned to the toy area. There I find Scotty, a teddy-puppy. It barked when squezed, and was so fast to learn tricks, as giving the hand, counting and playing dead... yet it had a problem, it didn't had a price or even a bar code. Mariana told me to let it go, that we could find a good doll and she even tried the so low "hey, how about this Winnie Poo", shame on you! Maybe was the fact that it wasn't a so clean dog, it took him (Scotty) a while to make Mariana fond of him. At the end we went to pay and I standed there asking how much Scotty was valued. She tells me that she have never done that, that she will normally just buy another thing... we spent like an hour waiting for the price, I even had time to joke with the teller and ask her about her job. I didnĀ“t knew that they have a special carpet to step on, to keep blood running for all these hours having to stay stand up. Eventually a manager came, with a somewhat nervous glance and said in low voice 75, as if being afraid I wouldn't pay so low price for a great friend, jeje. I felt in debt with Mariana for her aid, and for taking so much of her time (specially since she wouldn't wait for a toy so long...); so I invited her to China in a Box, a very cool place to eat a lot. We had a great time and as always I couldn't finish my box, jeje.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Tuesday we had Allan's party, the so expected visitor didn't came, and even though it started somewhat slow,it quickly became a great night. The actors of this comedy were Alba, Cristian, Padilla, Allan and myself. The first act was the development of the situation, getting to know a bit about each, of great impact was the dynamic between Alba and Cristian. In these scene Allan and I were almost prop. Cuban music set the background, and before we knew we ate tamales, made tang with lemonade and I learnt how to prepare spaghetti. Some time ago, diana told me how trivial it was, she was right. Alba teach us how to cook garlic bread. Again, so simple and so delicious. My tongue is quickly becoming a fan of good food.

When the dinner ended, I by then were assured that no one else would come. So I was kind of bored, so I read a bit about Mafalda, it's aging you know... But then a turnover happened, act two. Somehow I asked Cristian if he wanted a Tarot read from Allan. Here the characters change and gain depth. Allan was glad to use his new dimmers, sure the mood changed. Cristian got two questions, and so do Alba, and so do me. I think they weren't used to them or something, because after a general read, both went very pensative. When Allan read me the Tree of Life, there were no surprises. It has been so long my goal, that I think every vector force is by now pointing to the same side... And yet I'm in a swamp. One more tower is necessary to crush. Each time Allan read the cards, Cristian and Alba went deeper in their mind, until Cristian revealed his self. He's the kind of person everyone enjoys to hang with. And there I had the chance to know a bit better. Two or three truths were said in this act, and I think maybe only Allan also catch them. In the middle of this breeze, Alba prepared a chocolate so good, that I remembered my grandma. That night I also get it, how much I'm tired of my soberbia.

Third act, the closure. Padilla arrived, and the mood so fast changed, that maybe only I took conscious notice. Sex became the theme, were once was about personal demons and stars, now underage, threesome, kinky and so were the vocabulary. It was great to see him, the night became merrier. And there was even an extra layer added to this show. Imagine a reunion, where people play who-am-I-going-to-marry card games, while in the background a debate about the nature of hate... I'm very pleased of that mixture, and part of its charm is the ephemerae of it. My opinion is that the act of hating, is just a misunderstanding of the universe, but hey, I believe that every problem is of interpretation. It has the corollary that hate is a problem, which I'm not so certain...

Monday, November 22, 2004

I'm so FELIZ, and at the same when I came home, there was like waiting a sadness of what never was. This week will be one of the most active one of the year, I have all days planned. Today I played basketball with the gang, and watched another game of jaggy's team. That dark emotion I'm telling you about, was born in the middle of that game. I felt somewhat out of phase of the world.

Tuesday, I'll party Allan. There are special expectations, for a guest may come... Wednesday, Tango! :) Yep Three weeks in a row that I'd been able to go, I need to take it more calm, feel the music, so says those who know. Thursday, that big thing that makes me so feliz today... Friday, jaggy's last chance, jaja. Saturday, a wedding ;)

Sunday, FLY.

So now I talk about what's the big deal, here's the quick story. While chatting with Mariana, she asks me, do you want to make the good dead of the year? (Je, I thought she was referring to some favor she was about to ask me...) Anyway I replied, sure, what's up? And there she told me about this great plan the exa-tecs are doing, giving a merry Christmas to some girl or boy. So simple, so good. Yes, I realized that was just what padilla told the other day... So that easy was for me to enter that plan. I'll sleep today all cozy because of this small detail. It's so insignificant and yet triple sided. =)