Monday, March 01, 2004

This birthday I want a gift from life, to retake contact with important people from my past lives. The problem is that emails are as vaporous as they always tell you. I've tried to contact 3 people (Tere Mercado, Daniela Sanroman and JuanJo Cardenas). None are reachable. I know the address of two... however as many have seen, I'm shy. So in a way it is uncomfortable to think about going to houses, just to say "Hi". But that won't stop me, 'cause I'm over that particular attitude. (That doesn't mean it isn't hard)

So if anyone has any ideas how to contact them or their current internet addresses, let me know.

Why am I doing this? Because of Daniel, who appear from nothing (thanks to Barbara). Or maybe it's about retake paths I lay away for reasons I've forgotten. Anyway I'm curious about their life. Is it me or every life is amazing?

As a side note, another great noon that the sky gift us.