Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Since Sunday I've want to post something on this blog, but I was tired. First a bit of joy, I found my mobile phone! =) That isn't fascinating by itself, but proves one point. I'm lucky. Yesterday, Allan commented that my peculiar luck with queues was a flaw in my character sheet, if I were in a RPG. I don't remember mentioning this, so I'll summarize that quirk. If I am waiting for something, the universe would handle things in such a way that it will be as far as posible the outcome as it is naturally able to be. That means that I need to wait more for my food, even if I am the only one waiting to be served. Luck really doesn't exist, so am I; but it normally doesn't halt me for thinking the other way. It is difficult to prove that one is lucky, but many persons has pointed out how things arrange themselves in a beneficial manner to me.

Last Thursday I went to Manzanillo as my plan for that holiday. I went when I ran out of good arguments, which reminds me how easy it is to convince me... On retrospective, I know I subconsciously approved my travel to Manzanillo, long before Pollo left me without arguments. The funny thing is that most of the arguments sorted out without Pollo knowing that he contraargumented me (becuase in my imagination I knew the phrases he would've said). Now I know that I went because in my home I wouldn't have met new people. That's a good thing to do every day, yet "living" with three friends and at the same time getting to know another five, is pretty good for a holiday. I discovered a poet and some kind of faith on an unexpected situation. Thanks Julio for the invitation. I also practised my tango skill. I'm not yet comfortable with it, I need more grace with my movements... On the other side of my fence, playing domino by "feeling" is a lot of fun, even if Pollo gets angry for losing.

How many times should I mention Pollo, so he don't complain about it? jaja In the past days I programmed a simple program to count names, later I will put which is the person I have most named here.

Does caring about a woman always mean that one has special motivations? I believe that one can honestly have a woman who is your friend, and that you don't intend for more than friendship. And I mean, even when she is pretty.

I'm about to enroll myself in a special course, one designed to increase my emotional coefficient. However I'm worried a little about it. Because I felt Padilla changed a bit out of what I felt was good for him, I think he is a little revisionist right now. Hope I can talk with him in private, maybe tomorrow.

But the big milestone to put here is, my belief that I'm no longer an atheist. That simple, that confusing, yet I don't know what shall come from this. Is that a rainbow snake?